Friday, August 22, 2008

Episode #15

Drawings of wolves by Eleonore Hendricks (note: the second one is a pencil drawing on the inside of a matchbook cover. Word up.)

Back in business baby.
This one's a banger I think.

Episode #15


Cry Baby Cry - Ramsey Lewis
Tiger - Brian Auger & The Trinity
Strychnine - The Sonics
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - The Beatles
I Dig - Ragni, Rado, & MacDermont
Batakum - Brown Sugar
Lightworks - Raymond Scott
Communication - David McCullum
Little Green Bag - George Baker
Cigarillo - Brother Lucus Singers
Rhythm Kung Fu - Banzaii
Gypsy Woman (Demo Version) - Joe Baatan
Deep Gully - Outlaw Blues Band
Parlato - La Musica Della Mafia
Chestnut - Graham Gouldman
Chicago Cottage - The Mirage
Foreign Country - The Concretes
House of The Rising Sun - Donald Byrd
Je m'appelle Jane - Jane Birkin & Mickey 3D
Junk - The Roulettes
Werewolf - The Frantics
Conversation Piece - David Bowie
Guns of Brixton - Some little kid
The Ol' Main Drag - The Pouges
Trouble - Brenton Wood
Electricity -Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Johnny Comes Marching Home Mambo - Manny Duran and His Sextet
Sunshine Superman - Mel Torme
Shit From An Old Notebook - Minutemen
Sympathy For The Devil - Bryan Ferry
1941 - Harry Nilsson
Ego Tripping - Nikki Giovanni
Listen Heah - Bros. In Co-Op
Celestial Blues - Andy Bey
Summertime - Rick Nelson
My Year Is a Day - Les Irresistables
Little Bitty Pretty One - Zalman Yanousky
Love in the Streets - Johnnie Taylor
It's Raining - Irma Thomas
Deeper Shade Of Soul - Ray Barretto
I Lost My Girl To An Argentinean Cowboy - The American Song-Poem Anthology
Re-Enlistment Blues - Merle Travis
Three Is a Magic Number - Bob Dorough
Backlash Blues - Nina Simone
Sendin The Vipers - Mezz Mezzrow Orchestra
The Beggar's Song - Wet Willie
Willin' - Little Feet w/ Ry Cooder
Little Green Apples - OC Smith

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