Monday, March 19, 2012

Episode #193 (THE 'DANCE CRAZE' CRAZE)

Episode #193


Turn My Body Round - Bessie Jones
Hep Squeeze - Mad Dog and the Pups
Do The Dive - Ronny Fuller
The Greasy Chicken - Andre Williams
Do The Robot - Marvelus Mickey
Bend It - Little Eva
The Locomotion - ???
Do The Whip - Skip Cole
The James Brown - The Henchmen
The Shoot Em Up Twist - Charles Levine
The Duck - Jackie Lee
Do The Duck - The Autographs
Peanut Duck - Marsha Gee
Madison Time - The Ray Bryant Combo
Le Climb - Big Jones
Go Go Gorilla - The Ideals
Do The 45 - The Sharpees
Do The Monkey With James - Perry and the Harmonics
Do The Del Viking - Patrice Holloway
Do The Hip - The Sparkles
Do The Blue Beat - Mark Thatcher
Mambo Shevitz - The Crows
One, Two, Three Kick Blues - Dorena Dean
Everybody Dance - Lydia Marcelle
Ride Your Donkey - Ramblers Dance Band
The New Dance Craze - Five Stainsteps
Land of A Thousand Dances - Geno Washington
Rom Sue Sue - Sinn Sisamouth
R&R Cha Cha - The Eternals
The Twitch - Danny White
Do The Frog - Gino Washington
Peewee's Dance - Joeski Love
Aba-Daba-Do Dance - The Tradewinds
Bop Pills - Mary Skipper
The Broom - Af-Tabs
Cherokee Dance - Bob Landers
Soul Jerk - Jackson 5
The Devil Dance - he Devils
Rock Rock Rock - Richard Berry & The Pharaohs
Shingalin - Mon Carrillo y Su Sexteto
Watusi '65 - Ray Barreto
The Black Beatles - Reggae and Shout
Twist and Limbo - The Impressions
The African Twist - Stacy Lane
Cha-Cha Twist - Brice Coefield
The Stomp - The Citations
The Screw - The Crystals
Leaping Boogie - Crown Prince Waterford
Twistin Postman - The Marvelettes
Mudd Foot - Biz Markie
Here's Some Dances - Eight Minutes
Jenny, Jenny Twist - Los Sleepers
Everybody Sexareeno - Les Sexareenos
Everybody, Let's Dance - Gene Chandler

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