Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode #99

This record cover spotted by The Coffee Messiah

Episode #99

ghost train - the renegades
thinking about my baby - james booker
bury me deep - chance halladay
baby, please don't go - rose mitchell
republicans 23rd psalm - skillet & leroy
soliloquy of chaos - gang starr
the beat generation - bob mcfadden & dor
sit on my face - the echos
whatchamacallit - esquivaL
money, that's what i want - richard wylie & his band
just not ready - the exciters
baarat to nowhere - red baarat
funk it up - caesar frazier
no shame in my game - gang starr
whip it - del rubio triplets
mossy woodland - javelin
poem by the sea - eric burdon
this diamond ring - sammy ambrose
sandy sutekina - the carnabeats
movie man - the osmonds
rhodesia - the rebels
small sad sam - bob kayli
inner city blues - don julian and the larks
universal rhythms - mandrill
both sides now - dengue fever
golden shower - the boy hairdressers
afro-caravan - cozy cole
the rumble - jack nitzche
rhythm of life - sammy davis jr
mighty mighty man - roy brown
don't laugh if i cry at your party - tamiko jones
hanky panky - the raindrops
ocapella - lee dorsey
no sympathy for the devil - pete hamill
the place where we dwell - gang starr
i got some - sugar billy garner
seat in the kingdom - crumb brothers
up against the wall - quincy jones
i'm the man - gang starr
speak ya clout - gang starr / jeru
itchi-bon - nick and the jaguars
experience - lee perry and the upsetters
phantom of the paradise OST
whole earth rhythm - saddhu brand
love theme from sparticus - dick jacobs & his chorus & orchestra
and i love her - alton elis
slippin around - clarence carter
shop around - the liverbirds
mourning song - cheif ngambe & hid entourage
no - rainbow ffolly
i'm affraid the masquerade is over - marvin gaye

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