Sunday, March 8, 2009

Episode #40

East village Radio is no longer allowing us to provide the shows for download.

Something about it being "illegal"

you can stream it here

zool - elmer bernstien
sgt.peppers lonely hearts club band - bill cosby
sunshine love - rikki llionga
laundrette - vivien goldman
the rabbit habit - rebecca schiffman
Skiing in the snow - The Beach Girls
Gimmie Dat Ding - The pipkins
Catch That Teardrop - The Five Royals
lust - les baxter
valley of tears pt. II - trey barker
Down In The Valley - solomon Burke
summer wine - nancy sinatra and lee hazelwood
slum goddess - the fugs
you're a mountain - roletta fynn
shake it - the groundhogs
unsquare dance - dave bruebeck
sentries charge - al hirt
buddy - bs2000
Mike Tyson's Punchout - Nintendo Entertainment System
iramos super mario - grupo falso baiano
mazatlan - banda el limon
come on feet - Melvin van peebles
Stranded In The Jungle - The Cadets
I don't need your kind - The Rocking Vickers
flowerman - the syn
flash and crash - rocky and the riddlers
let me take you... - big star
closer to you - jj cale
the feedback - the feedback
I just can't keep from crying - odetta
sunshine of your love - spanky wilson
greasy heart - yuya uchida & the flowers
i hate you - the monks
sales talk - francis coppieters
bruce haack & ed harvey - snow job
snow creatures - quincy jones
how i wish i was a rollie pollie snowman - freezie jones
lotus blossom - julia lee and her boy friends
lydia the tattooed lady - groucho marx
i'm mean - harry nilsson
the ladies bras - johnny trunk & wisbey
i'm hungry - johnny morisette
on blackness - dick kent
baby blues medley - jim bartow and the harlem blues consort
your time is gonna come - sandie shaw
opening theme - michael boddicker
beyond the sea - bobby darin


Felipe said...

Can't take my Chances w/ me anymore? Bogus!

kool kear said...

I know, it's bogus, but it's gonna have to be that way, at least for the time being...

Coffee Messiah said...

Yikes.....and ; (

They were great listening while @ work ; )

Thanks for sharing them in any case.

pauldefiglia said...

kear and kray-

that's gotta be the worst news i've heard inna while. burn fiyah pon demma music industry bad mon!

kool kear said...

we are trying to figure this whole thing out...The stream should pop right up in your itunes, and you don't really need to be online to hear it, but you can no longer put it in your ipod/iphone type devices.

pretty wack