Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode #186


Episode #186


miserlou - xavior cugat
the letter - al green
tom cat - big mama thorton
shotgun - robert pierce
viva tirado - fania all-stars
paint it black - the animals
bluebirds over the mountain - shade joey & the night owls
do the duck - the autographs
he couldn't do the monkey - the contours
bye bye - sarah vaughn
life, love, and peace - the exciters
requiem por un con - white hinterland
st. james infirmary - allen toussaint
ain't necessarily so - paul robeson
wake up my children - kevin coyne
bird in the hand - don downing
how come my dog don't bark? - roscoe sculley
the jazz ministers - take me to brazil
fever - the cords
love potion #9 - lara and the trailers
tra-la-la - lavern baker
oo ma liddi - jj jackson
you're no good - barbara west
oddball - alan hawkshaw and brian bennet
take the bait - craig g
the wanderer - foreign intrigue
mari sayang - ismail harun
money money money - freddy carpenter
white rose - earl gaines
summertime - the rogues
the ballad of marilyn monroe - the shenendoah three
talky talky - talky
to be damnit ornette to be (with talky talkers) - comelade pascal
save me - aretha franklin
zimba lulu - the rays
these tears - mary johnson
the house of the rising sun - the almanac singers
wind song - black merda
night time is the right time - frank motley w/ curley bridges
gypsy woman - ???
the last persecution - bill fay

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