Sunday, November 6, 2011

Episode #174 (Halloween Special #3)

episode 174


the skeleton dance - carl stalling
zombie walk - the magics
the haunting - lalo schiffrin
beware - bill buchanan
beware - dean gitter
mostly ghostly - the creatures
queen of halloween - chotalls
trick or treat - 4 flops
bag snatchin' - nancy dupree
dead - poets
vampire man - robbie the werewolf
that little old gravedigger me - don hinson & the rigormorticians
el monsturo - los shains
she's fallen in love with a monster man - screaming lord sutch
the naughty ghost - jan august
the monster swim - bobby "boris" picket
zombie jamboree - king flash and calypso carnival
I put a spell on you - Them
the feast of the mau mau - screamin' jay hawkins
the howl - johnny eager
sleepy hollow - the last word
the shadow knows - link wray & the raymen
the ghost song - salty holmes
the cat - rod willis
spooksville - the nutrends
the haunted house - the new mayfair orchestra
dark shadows disco - ?????
nightmare on chill street - mc chill
nightmare - jack turner
killers lullabye - love unlimited orchestra
widows grove - tom waits
igor's party - tony and the monstrosities
monster in the mirror - sesame street monster
the headless horseman - kay star
zombie - los sleepers
night rider - ed burkey
that halloween night - denise & the double dates
the voodoo walk - sonny richard's panics with cindy and misty
(sock it to me baby) in the house of shock - animated sounds
skeleton in the closet - louis armstrong
i'd rather be burned as a witch - eartha kitt
zombie - johnny fever
high wall - the wailers
diary of a madman - gavediggaz
me and the devil - gil scott heron
cry of the werewolf - scientist
ghost guitars - baron deamon & the vampires
graveyard - the blenders
vampire daddy - jerry bryan

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