Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Episode #175

episode 175


besame mucho - fairfax high school marimba band
in the beginning - timmy thomas
if you want this love - sonny knight
2 tickets to paradise - brooke benton
california dreamin' - the four tops
mazy - the peep show
just one more day - otis redding
sweet is the woman - the pathfinders
bla bla bla cha cha cha - titus turner
can u dig it? - chico and buddy
fingertips (live) - stevie wonder
potatos salad pt 1 - george woods
eatin' with the boogie - slim gaillard
cantaloupe island - third wave
une voiture rouge - alice donna
over the sky - african head charge
chapeauzino vermelho - the jet blacks
psychadelphia - mary jane hooper
you can be anyone this time around - timothy leary
zabadak - alladdin band
the hawg pt. 1 - eddie kirk
i come zimba zio (here i stand the mighty one) - abdullah
sam and bill in the graveyard - emmitt miller
the 37 bus - hamish imlach
for your love - the ace kefford stand
it's so hard to break a habit - the webs
genie - carl dobkins
after dark - les players
my imaginary guy - deanie parker & the valadors
the valli boys - night hawk
oh what a town - lorne greene
welcome to the mighty east - smokey and his sister
he cried - the shangri-las
baby make love to me - the graham bond organization
swahililand (break) - ahmad jamal
chalet d'amour - lemon kittens
to love somebody - dara puspita
my love is like a spaceship - big boy pete
mr.postman - adolfo giron
dear judy - little patti
buttered popcorn - the supreemes
pop popcorn children - eldridge homles
tema de zorra (popcorn with feeling) - waltel branco
gone away - roberta flack

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