Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Episode #178


episode 178


democracy - leonard cohen
lady jane - rotary connection
forget marie - lee hazelwood
rocky racoon - the moments
it wuz the fuzz - sid wayne and the tall taylors
on a psychedelic astro-flight - minette
nobody's gonna turn us around - brothers and sisters
sayo sayonara - the yamasuki singers
hang on sloopy - arsenio rodriguez
pais tropical - sergio mendes and brasil 77
three rooms - audrey freeman
tougher than tough (rudie in court) - derrick morgan
funky black man - earnest jackson
that's the way you want it - winto kelly
come on shugah - the sweethearts
here's my picture - billy boy arnold
e jek' a mura - monomono
satin and velvet - dr, bop
i happen to like New York - bobby short
those city lights - wayne bartlett
uptown - little eva
long black veil - marsha hunt
tuna ketchup - sub
can't take my eyes off you - the ambassadors
territorio primetido - xawks
*Ricky Powell 50th b-day*
the ruler's back - slick rick
my sweet lord - edwinn starr
eddie can i park in your lot - sharon mason
it seems very strange - bridgette st.john
don't cry - sonny okosuns
maybe i'm amazed - sunday's child
individuality - hoyt hudson
soul smokin' - little grady lewis
chicago - andre williams
no pity (in the naked city) - jackie wilson
rainy day woman #12 & 35 - merry clayton
come on - chuck berry
too experienced - eddie lovette
ain't that right - marvin & johnny
do it (til your satisfied) - the impossible
lee moses - california dreamin'

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