Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Episode #172

Wall Street 1967

Episode #172


the great dictator - charlie chaplin
jacku chalchepu - wara
brain washing - marijata
psychedelic (that's where it's at) - the higher elevation
scorched - varetta dillard
the white ship - ???
beatle meets a ladybug - paula lamont
ballad of the gypsy - langston hughes
no one knows what happens round the corner - ola and the janglers
i'm alive - johnny thunder
you better check yourself - soul brothers six
have love will travel - richard berry &the pharoahs
didn't it rain pt 2. - the clovertones
maman - conjunto academico joao paolo
it's what you've got - pete dello & friends
i hear voices (takes 3& 4) - screamin' jay hawkins
this black cat has 9 lives - louis armstrong
on broadway - the cookies
god's gonna cut you down - odetta
my mind capsized - holy modal rounders
i lost something in the hills - sibylle baier
the grey sigh - the roger webb sound
*talking about occupy wall street - talking about #OWS
fight the power break - public enemy
revolution - nina simone
downtown soulville - chuck edwards
sweet combine - gnonnas pedro
git some - jeff cooper & the stoned wings
the fox - harry belafonte
gypsy woman - enaid nirwe
nunca - daniel bacelar com jorge machado
samoa - rich allen
mckenzie and his dog - black billy boys
play dis - saukrates & common
aquarius - the electric concept orchestra
no money in my pocket - bobby womack
walking in the forest (of my mind) - paul parrish
queen minstrel - pat kelly


Dianae said...

I love your offbeat music. So appropo to the spooky season!
I do miss your downloadable version where I could stop and go back to the spot I was at. Now if I pause it I have to go back to the beginnning when I start it again.

Thanks for sharing this weird music!


Kray said...

On the EVR site all our archives play in a player that you can pause fast forward and re-wind


Thanks for being jam