Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode #159

Episode #159:

blue jay way - bud shank
ah cubanas - dave bartholomew
calypso be - young tiger
the wig - lorenzo holden
coal miner (alternate version) - nappy brown
get ur freak on - quantic y su conjunto
reste encore - the beatlettes
ol' man mose - cozy cole
i'm the sky - marianne faithfull
angie - the swinging blue jeans
loose lips sync ship - the hogs
black nursery - charles miller
is your voodoo working - charles sheffield
let's live - aaron neville
viendra celui que jaine - humeyra
gypsy woman - derrick & patsy
motherless child - ben branch
i can never go home anymore - shangri-las
i feel the earth move - hugo montenegro
baby that's what i need (walk tall) - queen esther marrow
i've got a feeling - tawny reed
i montera - Βαγγέλης Πιτσιλαδής ( Vangelis Pitsiladis )
love me do - sandie shaw
ringo beat - ella fitzgerald
rebellion - jack hammer
i come from jamaca - chris powell
come on a baby - he6
john the revelator - blind willie johnson
the pharaohs love y'all - the pharaohs
judas kiss - chakachas
goodbye tony - leslie gore
the electric flag - fewghh
la-bas c'est naturel - serge gainsbourg
it don't worry me - "Nashville" OST
(talking or something)
ugly women - the lion
scope them turkeys out - natural brass company
and i love her - santo and johnny
it's just a matter of time - merle spears
sower of seeds - baraka
ptak na drucie - polish TV supergroup
another cup of sugar - barry tiffin
fun in the church - cannonball adderley

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