Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Episode #180


Episode 180


the love children - the storybook
the whammy - screamin jay hawkins
feelin good - eddie albert
I'm a cool teenager - el pauling and the royalton
hey mr. DJ - bobby moore
i've got a feeling - big maybelle
misirlou - chubby checker
lonely teardrops - carl leblanc
the ten comandments of man - nickie lee
chariot (I will follow him) - the four dreamers
come on baby - marie knight
i wanna hold your hand - cathy berberian
the beatles - daniel johnston
lo podemos solucionar - los quatro crickets
you left the water running - otis redding
life is only a dream - hindu kush mountain boys plus one
fancy - bobbie gentry
oceano - bob and luis
ten commandments of soul - margaret ann wiliams
hot skin - stelvio cipriani
dog eat dog - george "bongo" coleman
mama's daughter - the checkers
black widow spider - damon fox
eleven commandments of man - daddy kae and yvonne
two fingers pointing at you - the seeds
listen woman - mexican blood
isn't it a pity - george harrison
in tall buildings - john hartford
palm wine party - miriam burton
d'almeida blucky et les black santiago de contonou - les nanes
if it's not one thing (it's another) - ann alford
tom y la bestia bebe - el amor ya a llegado
baby blue - 13th floor elevators
talk talk talk - talk talk talky
ten commandments - prince far i
the ten commandments by god - the fugs
the tem commandments of beautiful hair - the moonglows
i'm glad - captain beefheart and his magic band
what's your price? - abbie hoffman
by hook or by crook - javelin
funky fire - billy larkin and the delegates
big black funky slave - eddie simpson
dark shadows - the vulcans

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