Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Episode #72

Four Iñupiaq men (center) wear dance mittens during a Wolf Dance.

Special Guest DJ SNAFU (of Junk Science) diggs through his old beat tapes (pretty awesome collection of stuff). Check it out:

Episode #72:

peur sur la ville - john zorn
gone are the promises of yesterday - 24-carat black
push on jesse jackson - pace setters
ed kotch on wolves - ed kotch
tomi tomi - kanui and lula
go away from my door - monroe moe jackson
papa, en gang till - peter holm
johnny remember me - john leyton
traditional sicilian melody - tabby andriello
the revolution will not be televised (stripped down) - gil scott heron
V.C.7 - fela kuti
sunlight shining - galt mcdermot & lela galloway
menevat miehet - those lovely hula hands
cherry cup-cake twist - blues section
super music man - the apple pie motherhood band
requiem pour un con - serge gainsbourg
i hear the love chimes - syl johnson
spacing out - the invaders
mr. incognito - a tribe called quest
champ - german top five
talky talky talky talky talky talky
*chronological beat collection- DJ SNAFU of Junk Science*
night and day - the comedian harmonists
queen gorrilla - spirit
harlem nocturne - Esquivel
heartbeat - the trashmen
a good combination - positive K
gone, the promises of yesterday - mad lads
hashish party - george garvarentz
hang down your head Tom Dooley - incredible bongo band
alright alright - dead milkmen
ride - nick drake
the end - topost

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i didn't think this was work

Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village

Watts Towers

Heidelberg Project

Salvation Mountain

Monday, October 12, 2009

Episode #71

Great show this week. Our special guest, the beautiful Ms. Roletta Fynn sang to us in our little studio on 1st avenue. It was a cold, blustery, fall day in old new york town. Ricky Powell was in the house - lifting everyone's spirits. We reflected on the genocidal history of our great American Empire a little, some other stuff happened...check it out

Episode #71

bacarolle - heinz funk electronic combo
walking at night in key west - allen ginsberg
atom and evil - golden gate quartet
atomic sermon - billy hughes and his buckaroos
atom bomb - glen barker
bomb - gregory corso
old man atom - the sons of the pioneers
i'm the urban spaceman - the bonzo dog dooh-dah band
atom - main source
darkest light - lafayette afro rock band
anti-drug psa - ravi shankar
now i taste the tears - fearns brass foundry
parted - gary bartz
*Special Live Performance by Ms. Roletta Fynn -"What'll I Do"*
exodus - ferante and teisher
better off dead - bill withers
the weight - moog machine
last waltz - lynn taitt and the jetts
the spook - pete drake
be my husband (live) - nina simone
come away - ESG
small car - marvin pontiac
drug PSA - james taylor
misery - barrett strong
*Live Performance by Ms. Roletta Fynn - "You Belong To Me" & "You're A Mountain"*
lundee dundee - the versatiles
metastophaliese - exuma
milky white way - the trumpeteers
moulin rouge - tim buckley
soul machine - the meters
push and pull - sons of slum
nobody knows - brute force
*talky talky talky talky *
easin' in - edwin starr
your mind - magnum
a hard day's night - peter sellers
Champagne and Roses - ?????
sick city - charles manson
frantic moment - eddie hazel
you don't love me - the starlets
with a girl like you - henry III
lecture on the history of us wars - howard zinn

I'm The Urban Spaceman, Baby

Word up...That ill shit

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our friend Tone Tank over at Scumlife has released a handmade, resin, "bootleg", action figure (with glowing chest action). There's only 2 dozen of them. Better grab one fast.

@ --> Scumlife Store

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode #70 ( Special Guest: Cosmo Baker )

"the she-wolf" by Jackson Pollock

Episode #70

borneo - cal tjader
what's new pussycat? - wendy carlos
my love is - little willie john
calypso blues - marvin gaye
harlem river drive (theme song) - harlem river drive
love dance - les baxter
digging for gold - david john & the mood
oh-ma-liddi - j. j. jackson and the jackaels
downpressor man - bob marley & peter tosh
watermellon man - karin krogh and the public enemies
watermellon - common sense
three fifteen - beat the devil
afanno - franco macalizzi
poison - som imaginario
sampans - lalo schifrin
easy - orgone
searchin' - wanda jackson
carpal tunnel - john o'connor
one - mike melvoin
midway down - john wanderling
la premiere a gauche - jacqueline taieb
mosman skank - aswad
ganja smuggling (live) - eek a mouse
Something For Nothing - MFSB
I Love You For All Seasons - the fuzz
Get Up, Stand Up -The Butts Band
Magic Mountain - Eric Burdon & War
Y'er Comes The Funky Man - Bob French's Storyville Jazz Band
Ambassador's Theme- Sam Reed Band
Woman's Gotta Have It - Bobby Womack
Rosey - Jim Sullivan
And Then There Was Skin - Cozy Powell
Southern Man -Merry Clayton
Solar Level -The Johnny Almond Music Machine
Tensity - Cannonball Adderley Quintet
Charlie's Theme -Jimi Entley Sound
Don't You Know - Jan Hammer Group
Momma Miss America - Paul Mcartney
You Got What You Wanted - Ike & Tina Turner
Gasoline Alley - Dave Grusin
Sweetie-Pie - Stone Alliance
Fire Eater - Rusty Bryant
Step Out - 1619 Badass Band
Love, Love, Love - Pugh Rogefeldt
Chameleon - Eddie Jefferson
Only Good For Conversation - Rodriguez
In My Body's House - Gene Chandler
Black Seeds - the main ingredient
I Wash My Hands Of The Whole Damn Deal - new birth
You Should've Listened - Black Heat
Geraldine - The Rattles
Get Up Stand Up - Malcolm's Locks
Catherine Of Aragon - Rick Wakeman
Children Of The Sun - Mandrill
Super Bad - Idris Muhammad
It Was A Very Good Year - Della Reese
Arroz Con Leche - Sabu Martinez & Sahib Shihab
Oh yeah - The Voices Of East Harlem

more ill old timey dances

Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker

Crip Heard

Peg Leg Bates and Little Buck

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old-Timey B-Boys

Credit to my friend Gordon on the youtube digging