Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Episode #43 Chances with Snafu

Episode #43
You can stream it HERE

This one starts with a grease fire and then really progresses nicely. A testament to our increasing comfort level in our new surroundings. Special thanks to Snafu for coming through. This guys got joints!

DJ SNAFU of Junk Science


intro - elmer bernstein
greasy chicken - andre williams and the don juans
spanish grease - willie bobo
skillet (good & greasy) - davy graham
greasy spoon - ak-momo
here there and everywhere - claudine longet
here there and everywhere - carmen mccrae
fire flies - moore & sons
play with fire - johnny thunders
light my fire - ananda shankar
light my fire - ebony rhythm band
light my fire - young holt unlimited
light my fire - al green
light my fire - johnny harris
ring of fire - eric bourdon
music and fire - otis blackwell
kiss of fire - georgia gibbs
stop look and listen - bill cosby
radio spot good taste tip #3 - the shangri-las
beggin' - frankie valli
east st. louis blues - eddie fisher
smog - the miracles
meeting (garden of geda) - olias of sunhillow
nonstop home - weather report
action - trecherous three
bird's lament - moondog
savoy truffle - ella fitzgerald
service with a smile - the kuff linx
snake charmer - the puddle jumpers
tokyo boy hunt - mari watanabe
no kids - marvin pontiac
black sunday - organized konfusion
let go my eggo - biz markie
just hangin out (remix) - main source
pigeon rock - sister nancy
he needs me - shelly duval
my rifle, my pony and me - dean martin & ricky nelson
ghost riders in the sky - scatman crothers
don't let me down - charlotte bada
my sweet lord - keith lynn & the s.p.m.'s
underwater wah wah - ennio morricone
walk don't run - the wild voices of the marty cooper clan
overseas operators - hash brown & his ignunt strings
turquoise - ken nordine
tender moments in the funny parts of town - ca$h4otterz
working class hero - marianne faithfull
atlantis - the electronic concept orchestra

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