Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode #200

Episode #200


killer kumbia - mexican institute of sound
summerwine - lee hazelwood & the 98% american mom & apple pie 1929 crash band
tony's wife - sun ra
grumblers - brother willie eason
my trouble - jett powers
to get you back again - karen small
moses, don't get lost - john davis and the georgia sea island singers
exodus - the acropolis
taste of one - the ace of cups
hi'i lawe - phillip "gabby" pahini
sinnerman - nina simone
let the sun shine in - galt macdermont
from way up here - malvina reynolds
he's so fine - isabella bond
can't you hear me? - paul ngozi
my sweet lord - paul mauriat
uyeye (papa bull) - the anchors and the creche kids
confusion - paul king
the girl like you - os incríveis
little sally walker - the crystals
eternal life - mosby family singers
animal on est mal - gerard manset
don't wait up for me mama - barbara and brenda
skokiaan - hot butter
black woman - jim ingram
black woman (wild ox moan) - vera ward hall
l.o.v.e - john lennon
here comes the sun - charles wright
no diggity - the hackney colliery band
spaced out - johnny zamot and his orchestra
oh death - bessie jones
oudipaa vladamir oiun i am sitting on a steep slope
action speaks louder than words - ceux qui marchent debout
grovin' - sam sham and the pharaohs
tocata y fug - fusioon
angel baby - rosie & the originals
to beat the devil - kris kristofferson
moses was a servant of the lord - charle barnett
crabcakes - gunga din
he makes me so mad - hollywood jills
shotgun - robert pierse
jeri jordan riots
walk on the wild side - the persuasions
it's your love - ethel beatty
jazz (we've got) (remix) - a tribe called quest
brass monkey - reubin wilson & bernie worrell
telephone girl - assagai
money (that's what i want) - Jackie Shane
she's leaving home - syreeta

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marina said...

where is that nina simone's sinnerman version from?