Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Episode #160

Episode #160:


waltz in orbit - ray cathode
i got my mind set on you - james ray
shorty - vernon dilworth
the jacksons part 1 & 2 - bill spencer
think (about it) - skorpians of jamaca
erotissimo - william sheller
let's get together (live) - the kingston trio
everybody's talkin' - blundetto
mas que nada - michelle richard
use me - the gentle rain
davy - annette fera
quero-me casar contigo -
don't think twice it's alright - trini lopez
people are talkin' - dave bartholomew
sightseeing in the uk - billy rogers
bob dylan's dream - the silke
hungry - the coasters
zero leg - liquid liquid
i heard it through the grapevine - the electric indian
adam and evil - elvis presley
my thing / i made a mistake - douglass high school stage band
Lady Greensleves - the brothers four
lay lady lay - melanie
triste e so - Natercia Barreto
come on back - paul ritchie & the cryin' shames
driftwood - eddie cooley & the dimples
the temple of doom - john williams
you can sing a rainbow - nina simone
schön war die ziet - brian hyland
blue castaway - the shelltones
i bid you goodnight - joseph spense and the pindar family
hot weather blues - mr.sad head
baby you goofed - rudi stewart
cissy strut - ravi harris & the prophets
mule skinner blues - the fendermen
dear prof. leary - barney wilen
love and happiness - the pharoahs
tema del zorra - waltel branco
papa don't take no mess - som livre house band

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