Friday, January 13, 2012

Episode #183

Episode 183:


tala rasa ranga - ravi shankar
mercy. mercy, mercy - larry williams & johnny watson
that's how strong my love is - the memories
dirty story - blackwell
eclipse of the moon - tony, caro & john
love is blue - jackie mittoo & the soul vendors
i go to sleep (demo) - the kinks
this train - al & doc
big chief king of love - young jessie
can't get you out of my head - shawn lee's ping pong orchestra
crossfire - the orlons
intro - the fabulous fantoms
mix it up - little brenda starr
baoumba - leopold kraus wellenkapelle
ronnie is my lover - the delicates
y sabes bien - los zafiros
little baby - the blue rondos
to flytzani tou yanni - rita abatzi
casey's last ride - kris kristofferson
such a night - esther phillips
90% of me is you - amral's trinidad cavaliers trinidad steel orchestra
lollipop - maurice williams and the zodiacs
you don't love me - al kooper
misunderstood - jericho jones
in a jazz style - daphne oram
soul heaven - the dixie drifter
air - the incredible string band
sounds of silence - carmen mccrae
as long as I have you - garnet mims
chills and fever - serfmen
"live!!" - los jockers
busking - dude on the subway
it's your thing - don ellis orchestra
bobbie knight & the soulciety - earth creature
serge franklin - exister
i needs to be bee'd with - quincy jones
high rollers - ice t
soul limbo - candido
the half man - jimmy williams
my ancestors - lou rawls
fever - the mccoys
jezebel - the yellow payges
you keep me hangin' on - the vanilla fudge
with body and soul - the detroit cobras
tea - michael hurley
i can't be satisfied - muddy waters

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