Thursday, October 16, 2008

Episode #23

Photo by Sarah LaPeter

Here's what Sarah told me about this photograph:
"State park, forget name, north of providence in mass. It's a stuffed wolf but looks so alive right. funny story. Set up pic and was waiting for sun to rise and a passing car called the cops cause they thought it was real and going to eat me. cops came and yelled at me. I said I'm sorry I go to art school but they were not amused."

She later added:
"just remembered name of park, purgatory's chiasm, what a name how could I have forgotten"
Kenan and Mikey couldn't make it this week. But no worry, I invited my friend George Langford from Javelin to come and play some of his amazing collection of obscure weirdo music from all over the world. Javelin is an awesome music making Duo, who are formerly of Providence, Rhode Island, currently of New York, New York and imminently dropping a 12" EP on Civil Music (UK) this fall & who if they were to be combined into one person would look like this:

Episode #23:


Coyote Song - Robbie Robertson
Swing Low Sweet Cadillac - Aggie Duke
I feel Sorry - Rotary Connection
De La Mano - ????????
(The Train) Saiyan Re Saiyan - Asha Bhosie
Within You Without You - The Soulfull Strings
Jahojah Comfort Me - Pazy & The Black Hippies
Let's Make The Water Turn Black - The Mothers Of Invention
State & 32nd - Kenneth Rexroth
I'm gonna get you - The Dixie Cups
Nao Asuento Voce - Trio Esperanca
Instrumental B - Arthur Russell
Strawberry Letter 23 - Shuggie Otis
Best Behind The Wheel - Rod Rogers
Los Bornachitos - ??????
Mentiras - Los Socios Del Ritmo
Baby - Rogerio Duprat
Poetryman - Phoebe Snow
I Wasn't Thinkin', I Was Drinkin' - The Checkers
I Want To Kill You - David Peel & The Lower East Side
Ugly Beautiful Girl - Wild Man Fischer
Buffalo Billycan - Apple
Ett Skal Att Trivas - Dungeon
Why Not Tonight - Dorothy Price
Alligator Wine - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
How Do You Do? I Like You. I Love You. - The Hindi 5
Addis - Ababa Zafari
Muck Muck - Yochanan
Egypt Strut - Salah Rageb
Emnete - Mulatu Astatke
Hands In The Dark - Dark Day
Says Elliot - Sibylle Baier
A Vos Te H'ai Pesar (You'll Be Upset) - Inti Illimani
Cachita - ???????
Bien Bailadito 2 - ?????????
Haunted Castle - The Kingsmen
The Mechanic - The Hellers
Fall of Another Year - CAN
Dizzy - Hugo Montenegro
Cod'ine - Buffy Sainte-Marie
Szivarvany - Hungaria
World Of Made - Carla Kihlstedt
Before I grow too old - Fats Domino

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