Monday, March 1, 2010

Episode #91


Russian Wolf-Hound courtesy of Kenan's grandfather, Mr.William L. Juska Sr.

Episode # 91:


to be damnit ornette to be - comelade pascal
eleanor rigby - ronnie prophet
lonely teardrops - little dion
bang bang - d. kahlaffe
beep beep - louis prima
corazon illeno de mal - mike and the runaways
for your love (bbc version) - the yardbirds
the world is a cafeteria - mask man and the agents
nightmare - jack turner
bo's a lumberjack - bo diddley
how long - circuit rider
president mash up the resident - shortie
echoes of my mind - ronnie and the ramblers
clapping wings - duke of burlington
please call me baby - joe bravo
calypso blues - willie rosario
dor rom (parachuting) - wasucha
come and save us - spiritual singers
petite sieste - goom
chicken gumbo and okra water - calypso carnival feat.lord zebedee
crap shootin sinner - cile turner
bonnie and clyde - serge gainsbourg
alfomega - cateno veloso
boo-go-loo - les mccann
you're welcome, stop on by - lou donaldson
d.a.i.s.y. age - de la soul
pauvre jesus christ - henri slavador
the junkie - rikers island inmate
cat man - gene vincent
i don't want your love - barbara howard
buddy holly winter dance party - buddy holly
snowblind - judy henske and jerry yester
suey - jayne mansfield
western movies - jody reynolds
the man who shot liberty valence - gene pitney
sell yor love - iggy pop and james williamson
love has conquered man - julie gamble and david maisey
one meatball - josh white

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