Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Episode #176

episode 176


africa - sun ra
you keep me hanging on - ken boothe
drummer man - nancy sinatra
pu yai lee - louise kennedy
wang dang doodle - howlin wolf
feelin good - clara ward
petty world of pain - yestrday's thoughts
cars - the katzenjammers
village of love - dee dee sharp
sleepwalk - al cooper
pain is the name of your game - urel thomas
miserlou - danai
too young - the sweethearts
kerdja kami - dara puspita
the letter - ???
la la la la - jocelyn
latin skate - the cheap skates
skate now - lou courtney
blue oasis - chuck (big guitar) ernest with the satellites
otemo-yan - chiemi eri
the junkie - prisoners from cell block D
african song - yusef lateef
there is nothing I can do about it - mike and the censations
craney crow - dr.john
make it me - the premiers
prayer for the doomed - chosen gospel singers
as tears go by - marianne faithfull
limbo rock - duane eddy
don't break my heart - james brown
instant replay - wanda robinson
fe - los ovnis
chown tur ten rum - pranee tharasri
peackock dance - naushad
ride on - clarence coulter
little mixed up - betty james
pauline - docteur nico & orchestre african fiesta
echoes - leon thomas

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