Monday, November 15, 2010


Epi$ode #126

Tax The Rich #126

theme from the color of money - robbie robertson
if you ain't got no bread (you might as well stay home in bed) - billy hamlin
night out - john j. moses
what is a dollar? - chain and the gang
poor folks - screamin jay hawkins
with plenty of money and you - the ink spots
chame o taxi - meire pavao
cill my landord - eddie murphy
where's my money - willie jones
i want some money - tommy ridgley
i wanna job - abner jay
bring the money in - bill davis trio
for the dollar bill - tommy tate
ghetto thang - de la soul
for the love of money - elliot fisher
welfare city - eugene mcdaniels
money (that's what I want) - richard wylie and his band
money - mandy & the girlfriends
money is the root of all evil - zappatta schmidt
almighty dollar - devin the dude
can't buy me love - peter sellers
you never give me your money, carry that weight - dobby dobson
rich folks hoax - sixtoo rodriguez
greenback dollar - hoyt axton
greenback dollar - hoyt axton
greenback dollar - kingston trio
paint it black - gil scott heron
i need a dollar - aloe black
hard times - baby huey
wall street shuffle - 10cc
pawnbroker pawnbroker - barbara ruskin
brother, can you spare a dime? - charle palloy and his orchestra
understanding marx - red shadow (the economics rock and roll band)
money made man mad - ross
i got plenty of nothin' - tee and cara
gold - ken nordine
lonely financial zone - jpnathan richman & the modern lovers
chapter 13 (rich man vs poor man) - common sense
money is king - growling tiger
we need more (but somebody gotta sacrifice) - marva and ellis
million dollar man theme - ted dibiase
money vibrations - little beaver
money, money, money - slim gillard
a dollar ninety eight - deacon john moore
kiss me not for money - the quites
riddle me this - abe lyman
no depression in heaven - the carter family


Miguel said...

wait, what is the song between the screamin jay hawkin's and merie pavao song? "what i couldn't do w a pocketful of money and you" w/ djangoesque solo- i gotta know!

kool kear said...

sorry about that, and for the delayed response.
"with plenty of money and you" by the ink spots

Thanks for listening!

Tutti said...
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