Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chances With Wolves #138 (Valentines Day Special)

sidewalk painting by Z Behl

Episode #138

organ grinder's boom - il boom
be my husband (live) - nina simone
Pantoteina oi dyo mazi - the blue rocks
bad girl - lee moses
volcano - billy preston
do you love me - lee fields and the expressions
if i were a carpenter - thane russel
that's how strong my love is - the gaylettes
love me now - william oneybar
can't help myself - the gems
lost vein of love - billy carson
my pussy belongs daddy - faye richmonde
prisoner of love - bo diddley
hold your hand - al green
such a night - darondo
tu va rester - cap'tain michel group
you can't love em all - solomon burke
honey won't you alllow me one more kiss? - henry thomas
and i love her - byron lee and the dragonaires
such as love - shelton dunaway and the boogie ramblers
love is strange - mickey and sylvia
love is strange - exuma

*Cosmo Baker's Set*
a thing for me (breakbot remix) - metronomy
collage - the three degrees
a legend in it's own time - smokey robinson & the miracles
baby! you oughta think it over - bobby womack
i love you more and more - tom brock
wild horses - laBelle
the way young lovers do - van morrison
that's a pretty good love - big maybelle
walking in the sun - The zombies
message of love - the pretenders
it was a very good year - della reese
romeo and the lonely girl - thin lizzy
i believe in miracles - mark capanni
(telephone call from Steve Arrington - Cosmo Baker interview)
i be trippin - steve arrington
fever - james brown
you got the love (long version with rebe jones on vocals) - frankie knuckles
beddie-biey - steve arrington

* * * *
sea of love - phil phillips & the twilights

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