Friday, July 31, 2009


cover by Raina Hamner

Available on iTunes & emusic

This is me, Kray.
Me and Scott Thorough have this group called BIG URBAN and this is our latest EP of strange Rap Music.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Episode # 61

Episode # 61

With Special guest Todd-O-Phonic Todd who came through with the 45's and spun some oldie gems

eli is coming - the roundtable
dance the slurp - 7 Eleven
dear prudence - the five stairsteps
if i were a carpenter - thane russell
that's how strong my love is - the gaylettes
onion breath baby - elroy peace
california hippie murders - red river dave
you ain't no hippie - the hueys
hippie in a blunder - johnny bucket
pot party - dr. cough
dope kings last stand (excerpt) - jimmy carter
fried chicken - the marylanders
chicken back - the carpets
chicken rhythm - slim gaillard
the farmer - the seeds
thru the rhythm - 13th floor elevators
midnight hour - ? and the mysterians
little red riding hood - MC5
flash and crash - rocky and the riddlers
out of time - rolling stones
dew drop inn - jean mays
wailin' - the wailers
a bone - the trashmen
albino bat - the regents
the zoo - mickey lee lane
the lone twister - the lone twister
rockin' bulevard street - ernie maresca
the guy with the long liverpool hair - the outsiders
concentration baby - the dave clark five
cock-a-hoop - manfred mann
you got your finger in my eye - willie parker
police on my back - the equals
beat your heart out - zeros
nadie como yo - los yaki
alfred e gous - the madman
the martian band - the wildtones
high flying wine - inflamable dan
the mellow saxaphone - roy montrell
money - ourselves
patty baby - freddy cannon
go girl go - jett powers
talky talky talky talk talk talk
young folk and old folk - the third eye
the rising tide - the frederick martin band
land of milk and honey - mouth and macneil
nola - horst jankowski
dans la loisianne - vin bruce
over te rainbow - charles ganimian

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Episode # 60

Episode #60

With Special Guest J. Howells Werthman who came through with the Brazilian records.

Download J. Howells Werthman's new album, "We Are Making Plans" free at RADIO BELLY.COM

total bells and tony - dick hyman
get together - earl brown
funky dj - fried chicken
image of a surfer - lloyd thaxton
'tits yeux noires - lawrence walker
acid - ray barretto
eat me - howard walker
psychedelic excursion - broadneck
romper room - the juggaknots
down is up - moondog
be my baby - dm smith
samba de orfeu taken from "black orpheus"
tanganica - luis carlos vinhas
errare humanum est - jorge ben
para lennon e mccartney - milton nescimento
alfomega - caetano veloso
take me back to piaui - juca chaves
objeto sim, objeto nao - gal costa
iria para 4 corda - beat boys
capela do amor - wanderl a
devolva-me - ??????
meo grito - the jones
nao adianta - trio mocoto
ye-me-le - luis carlos vinhas
the minotaur - dick hyman
also sprach zarathustra (2001) - deodato
brazilian beats - j. rocc
crickets for anna-maria - marcos valle
ondo anda a meu amor - orlando
the king's bounce - free som orchestra
presente grego - artthur verocai
beautiful day - spider harrison
limbo: the organized mind - raymond scott

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Saturday!

Super People
- 400 Carroll Street btwn Bond & Nevins Streets, Brooklyn
DJ Eleven & Kool Kear w/ the weirdo disco, soul & funk for the Saturday afternoon.
2-9PM, free; like the poster says.
It'll be like a daydream...

subway directions & more info at

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Episode #58

Kate Bryant with the wolf imagery

Episode #58 stream it HERE
It was a good one. There are some gems inside here. For example: A calypso song by Louis Farrakhan about a she-male. Yes, THE Louis Farrakhan, before he was THE Louis Farrakhan.


intro- humpback wolvess
joe joe the cannibal kid - davy graham
cowboy yodel - pete seeger
dunce cap - herman and the aquarians
the big ship - brian eno
mr. rainbow - slapp happy & faust
umbrella man - the searchers
starry ride- the alright family band
dead - ede robins
the monkeys paw - michael levitan and gillian rivers
the parting glass - the clancy brothers
can i do it for you (part two) - menphis minnie & kansas joe
34 ghosts IV - nine inch nails
people make the world go round - the now generation
break-a-way - irma thomas
i'm the hunter, you're the tiger - kay martin
you can't blame me - johnson, hawkins, tatum & durr
tracks of my tears - jackson 5
ain't no sunshine - Michael Jackson
ain't no sunshine - rahsaan roland kirk
ain't no sunshine - horace andy
the u is smooth - grand daddy I U
the world is a ghetto - northern arizona university music camp
black dahlia - johnny legend
masquerade - armando trovajoli
put your own words to it - billy
way back home - crusaders
breuddwyd - bran
baby lemonade - syd barrett
talky talky talky - talky talky talky
the beat goes on - buddy rich
coconut brown - jc davis
the wrong house - dyke and the blazers
is she is, or is she aint? - louis farrakhan
rats revenge part 1 - the rats
rats in my room - leona anderson
curly locks - junior byles

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Episode #57

A visit from Kate Bryant

Special Guest: CAGE (The Rapper)


You can stream it HERE


guajira en azul - caj tjader & eddie palmeri
abiyoyo - pete seger
pushing the car - krzyszof komedia
allergic to flowers - the jefferson hankerchief
you knows what to do - barrett strong
danse kalinda da boom - dr. john
summertime - john coltrane
hard drugs PSA - bill withers
junkies and monkeys - kay weaver
baby let me follow you down - jonathan king
fat fat fellow - daniel janin
agent orange - cage
CWW drop - javelin
pretty style - sir henry and his butlers
mother nature song - davey graham
steam powered aereo plane - john hartford
honey, won't you allow me one more chance? - henry thomas
shotgun blues - bob campbell
if loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right - ramsey lewis
CAGE INTERVIEW - talky talk talky
I wanna Holler (but this towns too small) - gary US bonds
she's too much for my mirror - captain beefheart
my love lies limp - alternative tv
blackmachine - mini
one flew over the cuckoo's nest - jack nitzche
everybody daylight - brightblack morning light
secondo coro delle lavendaie - Roberto De Simone
Fat Kids Need An Anthem - CAGE
Kick Rocks - CAGE