Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just a charming fella

Darondo is one of these re-discovered treasures of american music that is so ill that we all wonder why no one was paying attention to him for the past 20 years or whatever. Kinda like how Andre Williams used to live under a bridge in chicago until some one reminded us how great he is, re-issued his records and put him back on tour. I had the pleasure of working the Norton Records Holiday Spectacular at Southpaw a few years back and got to see him perform. They simply don't make them like that anymore...

But I digress. This is from a bay area public access station in the 80's. Let me just say, real pimps are on some wild shit. This ain't no type of motion picture, this dude was out there doing it, for better or for worse.

Oh yeah, and somewhere along the line he found the time to record this beautiful song:

Darondo - "didn't I"

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