Friday, May 9, 2008

Jimmy Carter says "yes"

Jimmy Carter says Yes

So maybe you were wondering about this joint, maybe you weren't. Either way, here's the story. In the back of old comic books, rolling stone magazines, etc., there used to be these ads that said "So, you think you got what it takes to write a hit song? Send lyrics and a check to such and such and we will make make it happen for you". Basically, you write words and pay some one you've never met to interpret them and put them to music. These ghost collaborations became known as "song poems". There is a really interesting (if a little unsettling) film about the phenomenon, which is still going on today, mind you. One of the standouts is the Jimmy Carter number, so we've posted a little clip. The writer of the tune is Waskey Elwood Walls Jr.
And for the record, of the thousands of song poems recorded over the years, not one has ever charted.

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