Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joan Baez's Rap Song


It's some kind of diss song aimed at Time Magazine.

First of all she's wearing an astronaught jacket with the "Red Baron" goggles. On some real Chuck Yeager-about-to-break-the-sound-barrier shit

Also this record was released in '77 which means it predates the Blondie tune by four years. So she got the jump on the white-woman hip-hop-homage-track craze. And her flow ain't that bad. She can fuck with Deborah Harry.
She gives no shout outs to Grandmaster Flash or Fab 5 Freddie though, which would have been a good look.

But it does remind me of a rap song in a few other ways:

1. It's all about her "industry strife". Mad rap songs are about the music industry. Rap music is the most self-referential genre of music of all time. It's because it's post-modern or whatever. She even mentions record sales.

2. She's basically talking shit & and telling off the haters. Plus she refers to herself as "the Queen"

3. Beefing with magazines in your songs is just a mad hip-hop thing to do.

check it out:
Joan Baez-Time Rag (Download)


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