Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what's he building in there?

meant to put this up around halloween, but here it is now...

Can you imagine when they used to show shit like this on MTV?
what the hell is he building in there?


Kray said...

Mule Variations came out in 99 and MTV was already on some Roar Rules/Real world challenge shit. If this played it was on some 3am graveyard shift.

which is really ideal actually.

kool kear said...

there is a little "mtv" in the upper right corner.
Mtv2 maybe?

Kray said...

Nah they used to play videos from like 2 am to 6am or some shit. I remember cause Thats when I was awake back then.

Videos are only on the internet really. which is cool but i wish they were bigger. When the internet merges with television it'll be a proverbial wrap