Thursday, January 15, 2009

Episode #34

Episode #34:

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Luna Park - Joel Vanderoogenbroek
Lone Wolf - Leon Payne
Slide Her Under The door - Moses longpiece
Surf Rider - Eden Ahbez
Aht uh mi Hed - Shuggie Otis
Nommo (The Magick Song) - Gary Bartz
Ain't No Love (in the heart of the city) - Al Brown
Bongo - Slim Gaillard
Who put the Benzadrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
My Illusions - The Whispers
Anything - The Vejitables
Crying in the Rain - Carole King
Elephant Man - Bo Diddley
Monkey Man - Baby Huey & The Babysitters
Dan The Banana Man - Nettles Brothers String Band
I Left Her Standing There - Dezurik Sisters
Worst Record Ever Made - Althes & The Memories
All The World's A Stage (A Dramedy) - Prince Paul
Peach, Plum, Pear - Javelin
International Player - Andre 3000
Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger - Arthur Lee
Free Arthur Lee - The Make Up
Go Back To Your Pontiac - The Darby Sisters
It's So Exciting - The Exciters
Shtiggy Boom - Patti Anne
It's A Shame - Alton Ellis
Forever - Pete Drake
Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further - Lee Dorsey
From This Day On - Eddie Bo
Pink Gin - Ko-Kane
Zzotto - Daisy Chain
Pass The Biscuits Please - Andre Williams
Burnt Biscuits - The Triumphs
One Little World Apart - The J's With Jamie
Chico's Girl - The Girls
Stand Up & Be Counted - Getto Kitty
Goza Campesina - Goza Campesina
Year Of The Guru - Eric Burdon & The Animals (wanna hear Eric Burdon Rap? It's not so much "Rap" as it is, like, a Red Hot Chili Peppers kind of thing)
Popcorn - Hot Butter
The Wolves (Act I & II) - Bon Iver
Red Guitar - Loudon Wainwright III
And Don't Play With Me Cause You Play With Fire - Yat Kha
Ratatat Heart - Nervous Caberet
Born 2 Live - O.C.
Saturday Night Live (LA JAY Remix) - Masta Ace INC.
Gimmie A Little Kiss, will ya huh? - "whispering" Jack Smith
Aubrey - ??????

This is a picture of Me & Kenan at the EVR Xmas Party at Lil Frankies where they fed us free wine and pizza and I got drunk on the wine and ate the pizza (mmm)

The guy on the right (in the red) is an Austrailian named Stuart and his show is called All Over The Shop. I also believe he is some sort of Soul Adventurer in his spare time.


Unknown said...

Hey whats the bip bip boop song before Bon Iver?

Kray said...

whoops - missed it that's Hot Butter Popcorn.

That song is wild.