Sunday, December 1, 2013

Episode Zero

Over 5 years ago, we had an idea for what we wanted our Radio Show to feel like. We didn't have a name for it, and we never envisioned it lasting this long...Over 270 episodes later, it's grown it into something different while still maintaining a strong connection to the original aesthetic and vision, while (almost) never repeating any songs along the way. We've gotten emails and artwork from people all over the world; really beautiful personal messages from people who tell us how the use the show, that it has become a soundtrack for different parts of their lives (bike riding through Stockholm at night, building a house with family in the Netherlands, dancing around the campfire in Australia, working, travelling, cooking, making art, making love, and so on). Knowing how the show has touched people is a huge motivator for us to try to keep it fresh and interesting; and we feel a deep connection and responsibility to all of these people whom we have never met, maybe never will meet. 

As much as we are moving forward and focused on what's coming next, it's important to pause every once in a and explore the roots of something, how we got here. Here is the demo for Chances with Wolves, the mix we submitted to East Village Radio in 2008. Here is an eBay collection of some of the music played on the show.

intro (my people)
prisoner of love – bo diddley
taxman – junior parker
don’t be cruel – billy swan
love gonna pack up – sly, slick and wicked
darkroom – paul mccartney
nightclubbing – grace jones
little boy – the beatstalkers
flowers everywhere (interlude)
china doll – leon thomas
singing a song for my mother – hamilton bohannon
fugitive song – jojo and the fugitives
pirates gospel – alela diane
i can’t keep from crying sometimes – davy graham
harlem hendoo – al hirt (interlude)
for the dollar bill (break) – tommy tate
sugar man – sixtoo rodriguez
welfare city – eugene mcdaniels
 house for sale – val mckenna
i wonder – the bubble gum machine
young man’s blues – mose allison 
going in circles – the natural four
before the night is over – joe simon
little bird – the beach boys
light my fire – brian auger & julie driscoll
ar goll - sidan
the old man’s back again – scott walker
sneakin up on you – peggy lee
midnight freeze – brian saint (interlude)
take me with you – lyn cristopher
things get a little easier – biz markie
the reason young people use drugs – abner jay
i can’t help myself – the gems
if you think it – the emotions
you are what you love – jenny lee and the watson twins
black winds – little john and the monks
davey crockett – the headcoatees
10 lb moustache – man man
funnel of love – wanda jackson
kites – simon dupree and the big sound
heartbreaking years – barbara lynn
you’re gonna want me back – dionne warwick
graveyard – leroy bowman
(outro) wand’rin star – lee marvin


Kirk said...

Short time listener here. I'm excited to have just discovered your blog.

sixtoo rodriguez' "sugar man" - haunting, always inviting.

lee marvin's "wand’rin star" - great way to end an episode.

Unknown said...

Fellas: Long time listener, first time commenter. Let me just say that this show has brought me more pleasure than most music in the last year or so since I found it. I'm old enough to appreciate the joys of radio--the surprise of an unheard song, the anticipation of the next track, the sudden surges of emotion with recognition, the listening under the covers on wintry Candian nights..... But I'm also young enough to have experienced mostly corporate radio, and never the sheer variety of sounds and fucking ideas that y'all bring to this project. I am and remain in awe, not of your record collection, but of your vision, commitment, and sound. May CWW spin on, and on.