Thursday, July 17, 2014

Episode #295

Episode #295


chico ya ya - los teenagers
band doll - jerry "count" jackson
running down the mardi gras - boco
il n'y a rien au monde que je ne ferais pas pou cette fille - les sultans
dressed in black (demo) - shadow morton
the palm of your hand - chuck wright
trans love airways - shirley nanette
i can go down - jimmy powell
get off your back sides - madeline bell
who are you - leon gardner
yawll - mask man and the agents
ascension to virginity - chaps
renegade - the zodiacs
don't challenge me - the makers
sonido amazonico - los mirlos
people make the world go around - ramon morris
we do wie du - the monks
nefertiti - france gall
clac tapes - les surfs
oo-dla-ba-doo - maya angelou
sangria wine - jerry jeff walker
kodachrome - hal & andy
whitchi tai to - topo d bill
jungle fever - the mighty accordion band
sambo caesar - cyprus smith
indian carnival - yma sumac
prophesize - ida sands
one two cha cha cha - ilaiyaraaja
un rayo del sol - chakachas
the bottle - jay and cathy's clowns
who'll pay reparations on my soul - gil scott heron
isla (the sapphic sleep) - alejandro jodorowsky
lonely world - jeanne newman
came in through the bathroom - the dominators
let's do it, let's fall in love - tommy bruce
marie douceur, marie colere (paint it black) -  marie laforet
far beyond - leroy "horsemouth" wallace and the new establishment
go to work - revolution compared to what
heart full of soul - gary lewis & the playboys
my block - the chiffons
my block - scarface
be real black for me - roberta flack & donny hathaway
junkman's song - stark reality
pretty lord sundance pt. 1 - lord sundance
wash your hands - roaring lion
feeling good - jean dushon
feelin' alright - the electronic concept orchestra
he's never come back - vernon girls
no simple explanations - jayne cortez
bridge over troubled water - sen. sam j. ervin jr.
black cherry - sensation


Tim said...

Hey guys. Trying to find out what song is @25:50 tracklist says "yawll - mask man and the agents". Dont think that's right...? Thanks!

David said...

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