Monday, October 20, 2014


Yentra II - Cosmic Brotherhood
Music for my mother - funkadelic
Stormy - The Guiness Cassanovas (talking)
Indian Giver - The Chantels
Mother In Law - Les Hou-Lops
Nautilus – b. bumble and the stingers
You´re no good - Phlegethon
You're No Good - Barbara West
I Rock Boots - Jimmy Spicer
These Boots Are Made For Walking - Symarip
Run To Me - The People's Choice
As long as I’ve got you – the emotions
Apache – rod hunter
Dance everybody dance – Betty Madigan
Que sera – the high keys
Want you – the weekeneds
Devil’s dream – dave stewart
Bamsee Lambay - Roaring Lion
Here I Am Baby - Marcia Griffiths
So glad you’re mine – Timmy Mcnealy
Champange Cherie? – king errison
Ceasar’s Pad – googie rene
I'm The Greatest Love In The world - Bo Diddley
Pata pata – los Stop
Spirit In The Sky - Dorothy Morrison
Free Angela Pt.1 - Larry Saunders
Heaven And Hell - William Onyeabor
Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop - Sérgio Murilo
Melancholy - yorko and the greek strings
Whole heap little horses – texas gladden
Misunderstood – rene and the fellas California dreaming - os claves
California Soul - The Gimmicks
Jungle Fever - Super Erotica
If You Want Me to Stay - Ronny
Oh, Pretty Woman - Al Green
Forgotten man – we the peopl
He Will Come, He Will come - Elpida
Melanie - Brigitte Bardot
The tide is high – U-Roy
The pain gets a little deeper – darrow fletcher
Give Me What You got - Big Boy Bloater
Do You Promise? - The Honkers
You're Gonna pay - The George School
Ohoho Gedama - Mahmoud Ahmed
i yi yi gomen a sai - Lloyd Price
Hambone - Bessie Jones
Get Your Enjoys - Eunice Davis
Seesaw - The Royaltones
Please Forgive My Heart - Bobby Womack
Nobody can live forever – Tim Maia


eau-de-pologne said...

What's the name of the song beginning at 48'08''?

mark landry said...

Congratulations on the 300 shows. Cheers to, at the very least, another 300 more!