Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Isn't It a Pity

It is a pity that this song got cut off the end of episode #18.
It was a technical problem.
So here it is in its entirety .
It was a shame it got cut off because it is a meditation and should be left to wash over you.
This song is heartbreakingly beautiful.
It is a George Harrison song. But Nina Simone doesn't merely cover songs she re-invents them and makes them her own. This is a Nina Simone song.

If you listen closely - you can hear her commenting to herself on the lyric she just sung. Changing her mind perhaps. Or adding an aside. But contemplating the song. While she's singing it.

We are just listening to her inner conversation. She is having an experience on stage with her piano, her brain, and god I suppose. And she's generous enough to allow us to listen in.

check it.

DOWNLOAD: Nina Simone - Isn't it a Pity

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