Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pamphlet #1

I wrote a book pamphlet.

It's not real. It's all made up.

I made it with my bare hands.

It costs three dollars. If you know me in real life and you see me on the street or something I will just give you one. But you should give me three dollars anyway. Because It's only three dollars.

If you would like one and you don't know me personally, you can either order one through paypal (see below) or you can just put three dollar bills and two un-used first class united states postal stamps into an envelope and send it to:

J. Cox
455 9th street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

I prefer this method because you can really just put three dollar bills in the mail, drop it in a mailbox. You can do that. And it's only three dollars. you got that. And I will send you this beautiful hand-made art pamphlet I made .

(make sure to include your return address)

or you can just paypal:


kool kear said...

Our friend here is a really good writer, for real. Pick one of these up, you'll be glad you did.

tedbarrow said...

This shit has blown up already on the streets and drawing rooms from the Upper Broadway to Bococa. Don't hold the "Bococa" thing against it, it's not the pamphlet's fault. Get one quick and act like you know...