Sunday, July 13, 2008


Jealousy is a useless emotion.
Most emotions, even anger or fear, are necessary, at times helpful, emotions.
Jealousy is made of pure poison. In small doses it can be merely a irritant - like the poison of a mosquito bite.
But in larger amounts it can spread and self-perpetuate, slowly seeping into your whole body.
In recent years I've tried to have relationships free of jealousy - and come close - but we were never quite able to rid ourselves of it completely.
It tends to "rear it's ugly head" as the expression goes.

My friend Sahara Marina Borja wrote me an email a few days ago saying that she had to keep fast-forwarding Episode Six to hear Donny Hathaway's version of "Jealous Guy".
So this post is for Sahara, whose interests include writing playfully cryptic emails to her friends and walking around San Francisco taking beautiful photographs.

It's a John Lennon Song.
It's about Yoko.
It describes perfectly that feeling of regret after you've let that jealous bile build up in your throat - and done something mean or petty - out of hurt.
Has anyone out there not been there?

Donny Hathaway was a beautiful man.
He struggled with depression all his life though.
And in 1979 he fell to his death from the window of the Essex Hotel where he had been living.
Apparently he had removed the glass pane and jumped out.

More recently he's been credited by Ms. Amy Winehouse as one of the reasons why she doesn't need to go to rehab.
"There's nothing that you can teach me that I can't lean from Mr. Hathaway"

It may be that soul is born out of pain. And it is this knowledge of personal pain which allows certain people to sing to us in such a vivid vital way.

And be careful kids. Don't eat any green m&m's and remember as Fat Joe Says: Jealous One's Envy & Jealous One's Still Envy

or download it here

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