Monday, July 21, 2008

Who Brings a Gun to a First Date?


I mean.
If you worked for UPS, you'd go home and change out of your uniform before dinner, right?

I took this picture mad surreptitiously.

And, yes I don't know for sure it was a first date.

But they had that first-date vibe going on. Look at her body language. Arms crossed. Not quite sure about this guy yet. He did all the talking. She waited at the table while he ordered from the counter.

I can't talk to a person with a gun strapped to their waist as if I don't know they have a gun strapped to their waist. It's just hard to get completely comfortable with the gun being there.

David Peel was this 60's Lower East Side Hippie-type who wrote songs about smoking pot and being from the Lower East Side. But Some of them are pretty cool and you can see a direct line through his sound to the New York punks of the late 70's/early 80's. He was down with John & Yoko who produced his third album and later he founded Orange Records which put out such acts as G.G. Allen & The Jabbers

or download the song here

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